Bridge Preservation Program

Mission Statement

A successful bridge preservation program seeks a balanced approach to maintenance and replacement. The objective of a good bridge preservation program is to employ cost-effective strategies and actions to maximize the useful life of bridges.  Applying the appropriate bridge preservation treatments and activities at the appropriate time can extend the bridge's useful life at a lower lifetime cost.

Bridge owners typically apply preventative maintenance to elements or components of structures with significant remaining useful life.  As a major part of bridge preservation, preventative maintenance is a strategy of extending useful life by applying cost-effective treatments to sound bridges (good or fair condition).

BPhoto of bridge inspection over river with crane.ridge Facts

The City of Spokane Valley currently inspects and maintains 19 bridges, comprising 18 vehicular and 1 pedestrian bridges. The records of inspections, maintenance activities, load ratings, and any design plans can be viewed at City Hall.  

The City's bridge inventory is maintained as prescribed by the US Department of Transportation, Federal Highway Administration (FHWA)

Maintenance records, repair reports, load ratings, and bridge plans are stored in the bridge files located in City Hall, second floor. To view or discuss any bridge-specific data please contact Pete Fisch, Certified Bridge Inspection Team Leader #L2250.

The FHWA established the standards for bridge inspections and maintains the National Bridge Inventory (NBI), a database of all the bridges in the country. All bridges are inspected on a regular schedule, typically once every two years and the information is forwarded on to the FHWA, who maintains it.

Bridge Projects

Current Projects

  • Pines Road Grade Separation (Design)
  • Sullivan Road OC SR 290 (Design)

Recently Completed

  • SPOKV-4518 Mission Avenue over Evergreen Road Deck Repair
  • SPOKV-5502 Barker Road over BNSF Railroad

Future Projects

  • Steen Road Bridge over Saltese Creek Timber Girder Replacement Project
  • Thorpe Road Bridge over Chester Creek Superstructure Replacement Project
Photo of bridge inspection over river with crane.
Painting of graphic on side of bridge deck railing.
Photo of bridge inspection over river with crane.
Photo of bridge inspection over roadway with crane.
Photo of concrete deck resurfacing on bridge.
Bridge maintenance

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2024 Jan Bridge ID Map