Transportation Impact Fees

Aerial View Barker Corridor ReducedThe city adopted the South Barker Corridor Transportation Impact Fee Study and the Mirabeau and North Pines Road Subarea Transportation Impact Fee Study in April 2022 via Ordinance Number 22-005.

Impact fees are an authorized mechanism for developments to pay their proportionate impact on the services and infrastructure within the city.

Impact Fee Rate Studies

The city analyzed traffic impacts for three areas prior to adopting the ordinance: 

  • South Barker Corridor (Mission Avenue to the city limits to the south) 
  • Mirabeau Subarea (mainly adjacent to the Mirabeau Park area between Trent Avenue and Mission Avenue east of Pines Road)
  • North Pines Road Subarea (Trent Avenue to approximately Valleyway Avenue).  

These studies were completed to determine potential impact fees related to development generally in areas with the highest growth potential. Engineering consultant Fehr & Peers completed the South Barker Transportation Impact Fee Rate Study in September 2020. The Mirabeau & North Pines Road Subarea Transportation Impact Fee Rate Study was completed in June 2021, with the most recent update in January 2022.

Impact Fee Rates

The impact fee rate schedule includes the following examples:

Impact Fee Rates Table
Map of Mitigation Fee Area
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