Development Engineering

The Development Engineering Division reviews development applications that involve land development or proposed subdivisions to ensure they meet city and state regulations. Land division (subdivision) regulations are found in the Spokane Valley Municipal Code Title 20.

Land division projects are typically required to improve all proposed internal streets and streets fronting the project. The extent of the required fronting improvements depends on existing conditions, impacts of the project, and the applicable street standard. Typical fronting improvements include pavement widening, curb, gutter, grassy swale, and sidewalk.

Visit the Subdivisions webpage for guidance on land divisions or to file a permit application.

Commercial Development Projects

Regarding commercial development projects, Development Engineering is concerned with site work that occurs outside of the building footprint. Typically, these projects are required to provide stormwater storage and treatment for onsite pollution generating surfaces, such as parking lots. Depending on the project size and number of vehicle trips generated, commercial development projects may also be required to provide dedications and/or border easements for public streets and to make improvements. Improvements may include pavement widening, curb, gutter, grassy swale, and sidewalk. Requirements are determined using Table 2.1 of the Street Standards

Residential Site Project

Occasionally, Development Engineering reviews new residential site projects, which involves the site work around the construction of a residential structure. Development Engineering review is triggered when unusual site conditions are present at residential sites. With shallow groundwater or steep sites, projects may require a Land Disturbance Permit, or if located in a floodplain, projects may require a Floodplain Development Permit.