Land division regulations are found in the Spokane Valley Municipal Code Title 20. Land division projects are typically required to improve all proposed internal streets and streets fronting the project. The extent of the required fronting improvements depends on existing conditions, impacts of the project, and the applicable standard (see Street Standards, Chapter 2). Typical fronting improvements include pavement widening, curb, gutter, grassy swale, and sidewalk.

Land Subdivision Types

  • Short Subdivisions (SHPs) - A short subdivision is a division of land into between 2 and 9 residential lots.
  • Long Subdivisions (SUBs) - A long subdivision is a division of land into 10 or more residential lots.
  • Binding Site Plans (BSPs) - A BSP is a division of land for office, commercial- or industrial-zoned properties or a manufactured home park.

Permit activities associated with Subdivisions