Balfour Park Expansion Project

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A partnership between the city and Spokane County Library District continues to frame the expansion of Balfour Park and a new Spokane Valley Public Library. The new library opened in June 2023 in the southwest corner of the park block at Sprague Avenue and N. Herald Road. The expansion of the park, estimated to cost about $7 million, will integrate 5.6 acres of undeveloped adjacent land. Construction on the expansion got underway in April 2023.

Improvements at Balfour Park

Phase I Improvements near completion

Phase I improvements are now on winter suspension and will resume in Spring 2024. 

The city is improving Balfour Park in two phases. Construction on park improvements in Phase I started in spring 2023. Improvements include engineering and construction of facilities estimated to cost about $3.9 million. This phase was originally scheduled for spring 2022, but submitted construction bids were significantly higher than projected due to rapidly rising building costs. As a result, the city delayed Phase I construction.

Improvements in Phase I included:

  • Excavating and grading of the entire site - complete
  • Adding water, electric, and sewer utilities - complete
  • Developing a portion of the park pathways
  • Building out lighting, landscaping and irrigation
  • Demolishing existing restroom in the park - complete 
  • Constructing a new building to include a restroom, pump room for a future splash pad, and a small workspace for Spokane Valley Police Department - complete 
  • Constructing an Events Plaza with a Veteran's Memorial - complete, Veteran's Memorial dedication in Memorial Day 2024. 
  • NEW! Rave Mini-pitch soccer field - planned for 2024

Phase II Improvements

The city has identified features for a future Phase II, including a park amphitheater, enhanced playground, picnic shelters, splash pad, and sports courts. The city hopes to construct these features in 2024, depending on available funding and project bids.

Park History

Plans for Balfour Park's expansion date back to 2013 when the city and library district engaged a consultant to gather community input and develop a “conceptual site plan” for expanding the park and constructing a library. Residents had long voiced support for revitalizing this part of the city, often referred to as the “heart of Spokane Valley” and home to the city’s first retail mall in the 1970s and 1980s. The city put the expansion on hold until the library district could secure funding for a new facility.

The city moved forward with the park's expansion in 2021 after the district announced it had secured the necessary construction funds. View July 6, 2021 presentation to City Council on Balfour Park development. The city surveyed residents and held a community workshop in August 2021 to gather additional public input.