Helping Aerospace Take Flight in Spokane Valley

Washington State is a world leader in aerospace and advanced manufacturing production and produces more than 1,400 aircraft and unmanned aerial systems annually as well as nearly 95 percent of all commercial aircraft in North America. 

The Spokane region, with over 8,000 employed in airframe production, is the nation's fifth-largest aerospace cluster and the second-largest in the state. Spokane Valley host several businesses that work in aerospace and the supply chain. 

The Spokane region is also home to the Northwest I-90 Manufacturing Alliance (NIMA), which serves aerospace and other advanced manufacturing sectors with a particular focus on aerospace and space, medical, energy and precision industry companies. The common threads among these industries are a high level of technical expertise, demanding quality systems, design capabilities and robust program and management services. NIMA also provides aerospace networking opportunities, joint sales and marketing efforts, and training and consulting services to become aerospace-ready. 

Low Costs of Doing Business

  • Spokane Valley's advantage begins with its low taxes. The city does not impose a local Business and Occupation tax. It is also home to friendly worker's compensation rates that keep costs low by basing the rates on hours worked rather than the wages paid. 
  • Incentives are also available specifically for the aerospace industry.
  • The Reduced Business and Occupation (B&O) Tax Rate for Aerospace Businesses provides a reduced rate for manufacturing, and sales by the manufacturer, of commercial airplanes or component parts, or tooling especially designed for use in manufacturing commercial airplanes and component parts. The B&O Credit for Preproduction Development Expenditures is available for expenditures for aerospace preproduction development. 
  • The B&O Credit for Property/Leasehold Taxes on Aerospace Business Facilities is available for payment of property/leasehold taxes on new buildings, land, the increased value of renovated building, and equipment eligible for the machinery and equipment exemption that is used exclusively in manufacturing commercial airplanes or components, or in manufacturing tooling specifically designed for use in manufacturing commercial airplanes or components. 
  • Construction of new buildings to be used for airplane repair and maintenance as defined in RCW 82.04.250, including labor and services used to construct new buildings, materials used as an ingredient or component, and labor and services used to install building fixtures. The exemption is in the form of a refund. 
  • The Sales and Use Tax Exemption for Aerospace Businesses for Computer Hardware, Software and Peripherals is available for the purchase of computer hardware, software, computer peripherals, and charges for labor and services related to the installation of such equipment. 
  • The Retail Sales and Use Tax Exemption for the Construction of New Facilities is available for the construction of buildings used to manufacture commercial airplanes, fuselages and wings; as well as for the construction of new buildings to be used for repair and maintenance. 

Available Skilled Workforce

Not only is Spokane County the largest labor market in Eastern Washington and North Idaho, but Spokane County is home to the Aerospace Joint Apprenticeship Committee. This state-funded nonprofit apprenticeship program is led by an advisory committee comprised of employers and employees. It offers apprenticeship programs based on industry need such as: 

These apprenticeships combine on-the-job training with college-level classroom instruction, ensuring employers can increase their workforce skills without disrupting production schedules. To learn more, view or print our Spokane Valley aerospace brochure (PDF).