What are the criteria for a home business?

Home businesses are permitted as accessory uses, except adult retail use establishments, adult bookstores, or adult entertainment establishments; auto repair; welding or metal plating shops; large appliance/electronics or equipment repair or service; small engine repair; truck hauling and/or tow storage yard; vehicle sales; cabinet making; manufacturing and/or related storage; kennel or stables; wholesale or retail sales; and restaurants/drinking establishments, which are incidental to the property’s principal use as a residence, subject to the following requirements:

  • Property shall retain a residential appearance and character;
  • All storage shall be enclosed within the residence or accessory structure;
  • There shall be a limit of two employees not residing on the premises engaged in the home business;
  • One unlighted sign placed flush against the exterior wall of the principal structure not exceeding four square feet in area is permitted;
  • There shall be no window display nor shall sample commodities with the exception of flowers and produce grown on the premises be displayed outside the building(s);
  • The hours of operation of a home business are limited to 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.;
  • The home business use shall not create electronic interference including, but not limited to, interference with radio, satellite reception, telephone or television reception, nor generate measurable levels at the property line of noise, dust, smoke, odor or glare. The home business activity shall not generate solid waste in volume or type which is not normally associated with residential use unless specifically permitted;
  • Loading docks and mechanical loading devices are not permitted;
  • No traffic or parking of vehicles shall be generated by a home business in greater volumes than normally expected in a residential neighborhood and any need for parking must be accommodated within the required off-street parking for the dwelling unit; and
  • Uses which are detrimental to the existing residential appearance and character are not allowed as home businesses.

You may find the requirements and application process in Spokane Valley Municipal Code 19.65.180.

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