Neighborhood Access and Equity Grant

The City of Spokane Valley, City of Spokane and Spokane Transit Authority are jointly seeking funding to provide multimodal transportation improvements along transit route 94 Millwood/East Central.

This multi-agency application for a Reconnecting Communities and Neighborhoods (RCN) grant seeks funding to reconnect communities along Interstate 90 disproportionately burdened by transportation infrastructure. The impacted area runs along 5th and 8th Avenues between Spokane’s Liberty Park and Spokane Valley’s Edgecliff Park.

An online survey was live from August 7, 2023 through September 17, 2023 using quantitative methodology. The voluntary and anonymous online survey was directed at the City of Spokane and City of Spokane Valley residents who interacted with the East Central Spokane Liberty to Edgecliff area, which included matrix/rating scales, multiple choice questions, and open-ended responses for comments. Completed questionnaires were retrieved by SurveyMonkey.

STA Route 94 - Multimodal Improvements (approximate limits)

Revised map of proposed project area.

Project Impacts

The portion of the proposed project area within the City of Spokane Valley extends from the western city limits at S. Havana Street, proceeds east along East 8th Avenue, and ends at Edgecliff Park, located at South Park Road and East 8th Avenue.

Edgecliff Park - 8th Ave and Park Rd.

Photo of picnic area at Edgecliff Park

Program Goals & Highlights

  • Improve access
  • Equitable development
  • Reconnect divided communities
  • No required local match

Project Elements

  • New/improved sidewalks
  • Bicycle facilities and pathways
  • Crossing improvements
  • Transit access upgrades
  • Lighting and environmental upgrades

Typical Cross Section (8th Avenue)

Sample cross section of proposed road improvements

Multimodal street and intersection upgrades serving an existing transit route from the downtown plaza to the future park and ride at I-90 and Argonne Road. Actual limits of the proposed improvements are to be determined, but primarily focus on 5th and 8th Avenues. 

Full-width street improvements along 8th Avenue are anticipated within the City of Spokane Valley’s limits, which may include:
    Bike lanes.
    Sidewalk bulb outs with marked/unmarked/signalized crossings.
    Transit stop upgrades.
    Potential for intersection improvements at Carnahan, Thierman and Park Roads.