Long Range Planning

The city maintains and regularly reviews several long-range plans and codes as required by state and federal rules and regulations, or requested by City Council.

Master Plans

Spokane Valley Comprehensive Plan

The Comprehensive Plan is the city's official statement regarding its vision for future growth and development over the next 20 years. A comprehensive plan is a required document for the largest and fastest-growing cities and counties in Washington State. The Comprehensive Plan addresses land use, transportation, capital facilities, housing, natural environment, and parks and open space needs over the next 20 years and ensures consistency with the Washington State Growth Management Act.

Tranporation Improvement Plan (TIP)

The six-year Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) identifies all transportation projects that the City of Spokane Valley plans to pursue over the next six years. The TIP is updated annually in June. Projects listed in the TIP are coordinated by Spokane Valley in partnership with other agencies, such as Spokane County and the Washington State Department of Transportation.

Housing Action Plan

The City of Spokane Valley is growing. In 2021, the city adopted a Housing Action Plan (HAP) that provides a set of clear, actionable strategies designed to preserve existing affordable housing and prevent displacement; increase market-rate and affordable housing supply; and increase housing options and choices throughout the city.

Parks and Recreation Master Plan

The Parks and Recreation Master Plan, updated in 2019, outlines the long-term goals and stragegies for the city's Parks and Recreation Department. It provides guidance in regard to future development of park properties and recreational programs.

Other Guilding Programs and Documents

Spokane Valley Municipal Code

The regulations of the Spokane Valley Municipal Code (SVMC) are intended to implement the City's official Comprehensive Plan (see below) and, as a result, requires amendments from time to time. 

Bike & Pedestrian Master Program

The City of Spokane Valley has the essential elements for biking and walking, considering most streets connect, congestion is minimal, the terrain is flat, and weather is suitable many months of the year. For these reasons, biking and walking is a great way to get around the city. To capitalize on these assets, the city has developed a Bike and Pedestrian Master Program (BPMP).

Shoreline Master Program 

The Shoreline Master Program (SMP) guides development along the Spokane River and Shelly Lake in the city. Updated in 2021, the SMP includes goals and policies which are adopted by reference in the Comprehensive Plan and regulations related to shoreline development that can be found in Chapter 21.50 of the Spokane Valley Municipal Code (SVMC)

Spokane Regional Stormwater Manual

This manual lays out procedures and requirements for designing stormwater management facilities associated with land development, street, and drainage projects. This manual was developed jointly by Spokane County and the Cities of Spokane Valley and Spokane. See the Spokane Regional Stormwater Manual website for more information.

Urban Growth Area 

The Urban Growth Area (UGA) is intended to accommodate 20 years of projected population growth and includes already developed land and areas planned for urban services. A review of the UGA is required every 10 years to ensure there is adequate capacity to meet the needs of new growth and development in the subsequent 20-year planning period. For more information regarding the Spokane County UGA boundary, call 509-477-3675 or visit the Spokane County's Long Range Planning Department website.