Housing & Homelessness

Homeless Action Plan

An updated City of Spokane Valley DRAFT Homeless Action Plan is being considered by City Council for adoption in summer 2023. The plan considers public input collected in March 2023, and aims to set forth a strategy to significantly prevent and/or reduce homelessness. 

While homelessness is a regional problem that requires collaboration with stakeholders beyond the city limits, it's essential that Spokane Valley implement a systematic, long-term response that ensures homelessness does not occur in the first place whenever possible or, if it cannot be prevented, is a rare, brief and one-time experience. Homelessness is not unique to the city; however, Spokane Valley does have a distinct character that requires a data-driven and outcomes-based plan that reflects the city’s values and goals.

View the Draft Homeless Action Plan

Homeless Resources

Do you or a community member need immediate assistance to secure food, shelter or housing? 

View a list of homeless resources in Spokane Valley and the City of Spokane 

These helpful brochures are also available to view and print:

Day Drop-In Centers & Food Banks

See a listing of day drop-in centers and food banks in Spokane area.

Emergency Shelters

A new dashboard, called ShelterMeSpokane.org, displays timely data regarding where shelter space is available in the region. Data is input directly by regional shelter providers and includes a time stamp as to when the provider last updated the information.

Shelters available (high barrier requires drug/alcohol testing; low barrier does NOTrequire drug/alcohol testing):

Health & Hygiene

See a listing of health and hygiene resources, including anti-trafficking resources.

Housing Assistance (Through Coordinated Entry)

Please contact one of these housing assistance resources on how to access assistance to remain in your home, or if you live outside/in your vehicle and need assistance with housing referrals through coordinated entry.

Other Resources

For assistance with other needs, please contact the following: